New Global AAP Periodontal Classification Workshop

Presenter: Gabriele Maycher, CEO, GEM Dental Experts Inc. 

BSc, PID, dip DH, RDH in BC& AB

 A passionate educator with more than 30+ years of clinical experience & diverse business background has revolutionized the way clinicians optimize patient outcomes through contributing positions such as published author, Dental Hygiene Program Director, Quality Assurance Program assessor and consultant for forward-thinking dental practices. 

 Course Description: 

It is estimated that 80% of the population has some level of periodontal disease & in knowing that 90% of systemic disease have some oral manifestation it has become apparent that change is needed in the treatment This workshop explores the changes needed to move away from a solely biofilm-based model to a more holistic inflammation-based model in periodontal therapy. The New Global AAP Periodontal Classification workshop will bridge the gap between the old & future critical thinking needed to integrate “best practices” in patient care. 

The learning objectives: 

1. Identify the main changes between the old & New Global AAP Periodontal Classification 

2. Describe the main categories of the New Global AAP Periodontal Classification 

3. Predict the fundamental processes needed to apply the new classification in clinical practice & improve patient outcomes. 

4. Determine Periodontitis using the staging & grading system to create a periodontal diagnostic statement. 

5. Formulate the impact of predisposing & modifiable factors on the periodontium. 

6. Evaluate current AAP recommendations for determining patient periodontal prognosis. 

7. Assess Case Studies to aid in diagnosis formulation. 

Date: Private workshop available for 10 or more attendees.

Tuition: $397 + GST/attendee 

Time: 8am- 2pm PST (6 hours) 

Target Audience: Hygienists & Dentists 

Location:  Zoom

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