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PACE approved, guaranteed to optimize patient outcomes, grow your practice, and increase your hygiene revenue up-to 100%. All of this without adding one new patient to your practice. What are you waiting for?


The workshops have been designed sequentially to slowly transition your practice from a general practice to an optimized practice. Optimize your hygiene department with GEM Dental Workshop series! Click links below for Workshop details and registration.


Coming 2023/24

  • Eliminating the Ethical Dilemma around RDH Billing, November 3rd, 2023
  • 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification & Radiographs, November 17th, 2023
  • Comprehensive Oral Exam & Documentation Workshops, Dec 1st & 15th 2023
  • Medical & Dental Health History Workshops, February 2nd & 16th, 2024
  • Radiographic Interpretation, March 22nd, 2024
  • New Global 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification, April 5th & 19th, 2024
  • Treatment Planning & Implementation, May 3rd, 2024
  • Evaluation & Prognosis of Periodontal Patients, May 17th, 2024 

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Eliminating Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing!


Course Description: The number one ethical dilemma in most practices is regarding RDH Billing. Also, it is the number one call, hygiene colleges receive from their registrants. In the “Eliminating the Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing” Workshop we explore the evolution of the CDA & CDHA fee guides, understand how it pertains to RDH’s working in a traditional dental practice vs. independent RDH practice, learn the provincial differences in interpretation and how it relates to billing appropriately. 

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2018 AAP Periodontal Classification & Radiographs Workshop


Course Description: “ALARA”,  an acronym for “As Low as Reasonably Achievable.” It means making every reasonable effort to maintain exposures to ionizing radiation as far below the dose limits as practical for a diagnosis & evaluation. So, what is too low?  In this workshop we discuss what is considered reasonable, too low of a dose and what the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has to say regarding the 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification and Radiographs needed to screen for all periodontal conditions.

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Comprehensive Oral Exam & Documentation Workshops


Course Description: How comprehensive is your comprehensive oral exam? If  you are still just “cleaning” teeth it probably is not. With 95% of patients having some level of periodontal disease and needing more than just a “cleaning” your comprehensive exam becomes critical in making an accurate dental hygiene diagnosis, creating an effective treatment plan, implementing treatments & interventions that lead to superior patient outcomes and developing measurable evaluation tools. 

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5 Clinical Practices Resurrected


Course Description: Most practices do not  realize that they are sitting “three feet from gold” with each-and-every one of their patients.  You do not need to spend marketing dollars, hire new clinical staff or a business coach to increase revenue, you just need to fix these five clinical breakdowns. Once you do your practice revenue will EXPLODE! I guarantee it.

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Medical & Dental Health History Workshops


Course Description:Collecting a complete medical & dental health history allows the clinician to assess a client’s level of oral and systemic wellness. The health history, in conjunction with the physical exam, provides the foundation for clinical decision making, supporting both the dental and dental hygiene diagnosis. It identifies key risk factors and existing health conditions that may affect dental care requiring treatment modifications before, during, or after care, and influencing clinical outcomes such as healing, predisposition to infection or oral disease progression.

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Radiographic Interpretation Workshop


Course Description: To fully leverage the New Global AAP Classification your evaluation and assessment of radiographic information is integral to every day clinical practice.  This workshop covers radiographic interpretation changes due to the new classification, provides essentials on how to calculate stage & grade for the periodontitis patient, and reviews normal & abnormal anatomic structures & conditions that may impact your dental hygiene diagnosis, complexity of treatment and prognosis. 

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New Global AAP Periodontal Classification Workshops


Course Description: It is estimated that 95% of the population has some level of periodontal disease and in knowing that 90% of systemic disease have some oral manifestation it has become apparent that change is needed in the treatment This workshop explores the changes needed to move away from a solely biofilm-based model to a more holistic inflammation-based model in periodontal therapy. The New Global AAP Periodontal Classification  workshop will bridge the gap between the old & future critical thinking needed to integrate “best practices” in patient care.

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Treatment Planning & Implementation Workshop


Course Description: Have you made the shift? With all that we know about the oral & systemic disease link the standard of care must change.  A simple “cleaning” will only suffice for the 5% of healthy patients in your practice, the other 95%  with some level of periodontal disease it is not enough to achieve oral & overall health. Your treatment plan must shift to nonsurgical periodontal therapy most of the time and include  proper implementation technique(s) to achieve optimal patient outcomes.  What you will discover in this workshop is that most clinicians never get to therapeutic endpoint because they do not treatment plan enough time. 

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Evaluation & Prognosis Workshop


Course Description: Are you still putting the blame on your patient’s less than optimal outcomes solely on their poor oral hygiene? Or are you evaluating both their oral self-care and your therapeutic approach, therapies, and clinical skills? An evaluation needs to include both.  In this workshop you will discover how important the evaluation phase of treatment is and how to effectively establish a prognosis using three factors to determine future progression.


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WOW—Weekday Optimization Workshop


Course Description: This 3-Day workshop reviews the most current evidence-based literature needed to provide “best practice standards” for patient care. These industry standards are the foundation for optimal patient outcomes, practice productivity, growth, and success. This program will ensure that your practice becomes part of the elite 25% of practices that produce 50% more than the average practice. Join us in discovering the power of an optimized hygiene department!

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Ultrasonic Workshop


Course Description: With the paradigm shift that periodontal disease is now considered an inflammatory disease due to  the host response to the microbial challenge makes ultrasonic instrumentation the “gold standard” in treatment. The new nonsurgical approach to periodontal treatment focuses on biofilm disruption and conservation of tooth structure rather than calculus and cementum removal. Join us in this workshop to discover a whole new world without hand instrumentation! 

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Business of Dentistry Workshop


Course Description: The economic realities of the dental profession are changing and hence the Business of Dentistry needs to be re-evaluated. With the escalating costs of purchasing and operating a dental practice, expectations, and increased competition, especially in urban markets, the pressures facing the profession is mounting. The Business of Dentistry Workshop explores the areas of the practice that have in the past not required a lot of focus but with the changing economy now requires the utmost attention.  In the next 5-Days you will explore these area, focus on optimizing them and build a strong, thriving, and competitive practice. 

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