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Medical & Dental Health History Workshop

Course Description: Collecting a complete medical & dental health history allows the clinician to assess a client’s level of oral and systemic wellness. The health history, in conjunction with the physical exam, provides the foundation for clinical decision making, supporting both the dental and dental hygiene diagnosis. It identifies key risk factors and existing health conditions that may affect dental care requiring treatment modifications before, during, or after care, and influencing clinical outcomes such as healing, predisposition to infection or oral disease progression.

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2018 AAP Periodontal Classification & Radiographs Workshop

Course Summary: “ALARA”,  an acronym for “As Low as Reasonably Achievable.” It means making every reasonable effort to maintain exposures to ionizing radiation as far below the dose limits as practical for a diagnosis & evaluation. So, what is too low?  In this workshop we discuss what is considered reasonable, too low of a dose and what the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has to say regarding the 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification and Radiographs needed to screen for all periodontal conditions.

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Comprehensive Oral Exam

Course Summary: “How Comprehensive is your Comprehensive Oral Exam (COE)?” Are you still just cleaning teeth? If you don’t have a comprehensive COE you probably are. With 80% of patients having some level of periodontal disease they probably need more than a cleaning. Just saying!

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Eliminating Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing!

The number one ethical dilemma in most practices is regarding RDH Billing. Also, it is the number one call, hygiene colleges receive from their registrants.

In the RDH Billing Workshop we explore the evolution of the CDA and CDHA fee guides, understand how it pertains to RDH’s working in a traditional dental practice vs. independent RDH practice, learn the provincial differences in interpretation and how it relates to billing appropriately.

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New Global AAP Periodontal Classification Workshop


It is estimated that 80% of the population has some level of periodontal disease & in knowing that 90% of systemic disease have some oral manifestation it has become apparent that change is needed in the treatment This workshop explores the changes needed to move away from a solely biofilm-based model to a more holistic inflammation-based model in periodontal therapy. The new global 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification  workshop will bridge the gap between the old & future critical thinking needed to integrate “best practices” in patient care.

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WOW—Weekday Optimization Workshop


This 24-hour live presentation reviews the most current evidence-based literature needed to provide Best Practice Standards for patient care. These industry standards are the foundation of practice productivity, growth and success.

This program will ensure that your practice becomes part of the elite 25% of practices that produce 50% more than the average practice by producing 67% more in their hygiene department.

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Ultrasonic Workshop


In periodontics, with a paradigm shift due to periodontal destruction being redefined as an inflammatory disease, best practice standard now defines that the host response to the microbial challenge and not the oral microbes are responsible, making ultrasonic instrumentation the best treatment. The nonsurgical approach to periodontal treatment currently focuses on biofilm disruption and conservation of tooth structure rather than calculus and cementum removal.

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5 Clinical Practices Resurrected


Most practices don’t realize that they are sitting “three feet from gold” with each and every one of their patients.  You don’t need to spend marketing dollars, hire new clinical staff or a business coach to increase revenue, you just need to fix these five clinical breakdowns. Once you do your practice revenue will EXPLODE! I guarantee it.

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Business of Dentistry Workshop


Develop staff that are true partners in the success of your dental practice. Staff members that are true partners and not employees. Engaged and invested!

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