Gabriele was amazing and helped me gain a better understanding and much more confidence in my hygiene billing. She has an in depth understanding of the topic and was able to answer all our questions as well as understand things from a hygienists perspective. I would 100% take more courses offered by her and highly recommended this course to everyone in the industry.
Nicole, RDH Queens Park Dental

While I was initially worried about return on investment, Gabriele was able to effectively explain to our hygienists and team that we were under treating patients. I highly recommend the “Eliminating Ethical Dilemmas around RDH Billing!” workshop as she can really bring awareness to staff about billing misconceptions from reliable sources. You will see immediate results!

Andrew, Office Manager, Queens Park Dental
If you are curious about any of the GEM Dental workshops, I highly suggest you take “Eliminating the Ethical Dilemma around RDH Billing”. Very helpful and gives you confidence with billing. Excellent resources provided.
Richelle (RDH)

After two and half years of working I hear your voice every day talking to my patients. The confidence that I got from your
courses is absolutely great! I wanted to thank you for all you do.

Mitra RDH
Gabriele is so knowledgeable on how to make your dental hygiene department better in so many ways! I have taken her 2018 AAP Classification workshop and it has really set me up for success. I am looking forward to possibly working with her more in the future! Thank you, Gabriele, for clarifying so much for me and helping me improve my dental hygiene practice.
Rachel, RDH
Gem Dental has taught me so much throughout the workshops. At the start it seemed a bit tense to complete the courses with all the information presented, especially being a new grad, but Gabriele is very informative, helpful, and made me feel much more confident providing treatment to all my patients. I would highly recommend GEM Dental workshops to anyone who is just graduating or feels unsure about anything in their day-to-day treatment!
Jessica RDH
I’ve been a dental hygienist for 11 years and was a dental assistant prior to that. When I began working at my current office, I was intrigued yet nervous about the training I was about to receive and wondered if my knowledge and skills would be up to par. After meeting with GEM Dental Experts, I instantly felt that I would be challenged, which I’m always willing to accept. But I also felt, for the first time in my dental career, that instead of being criticized and questioned, I was supported and encouraged to be the best I could be. The GEM team has greatly improved my dental knowledge and increased my confidence as a person and a professional, which is priceless. I cannot explain how grateful I am to have had the privilege of working with GEM Dental Experts.
Erin Sawatzky, RDH
The revenue in our hygiene department went up 100% in less than a year with GEM Dental Experts’ evidence-based methodology. The consultants’ ability to motivate, create change and integrate sustainable systems and processes not only improved office culture but took patient care to a whole new level along with our bottom line. Gabriele is a great teacher and mentor!
Dr. Brad McDonald
After implementing GEM’s nonsurgical periodontal training program into our office, we instantly saw results in our patient’s health and in hygiene revenue. The systems and processes they put in place were evidence-based, easy to work with and ensured future tracking of treatment and results. Our hygiene team members have become leaders in providing a high level of periodontal care and, as a result, patient loyalty, referral base and the compliments (even from our most difficult patients), have increased substantially.
Bay Dental Centre
About seven months ago, I went through an extensive and intensive 30 hours of training with GEM Dental Experts. I wondered sometimes if I could learn everything, but by the end, all the pieces of the puzzle came together for me. Before the training, I was guessing and using anecdotal experience to develop a treatment plan for my patients. I learned that sometimes they were not always the right plans. Now it is easy to provide an optimum treatment plan for all my patients because everything I recommend is based on scientific evidence—I no longer need to guess. Thanks again to GEM Dental Experts, as they taught me to be more efficient, and I am a better hygienist because of them.
Kham Sisavane, RDH
GEM Dental Experts played a positive role in the unprecedented growth experienced at our office. GEM’s deep knowledge, especially in all areas related to hygiene, allowed us to calibrate, streamline and document necessary changes to our systems and protocols. The ‘calibration’ of our hygiene department impacted the entire office and GEM’s depth of knowledge and training played a huge part in bringing the entire team up to speed.
Hilary Friesen Director Of Operations, Clayburn Dental Centre
GEM Dental has significantly improved the success of my practice. Gabriele and her teams effort not only exceeded our expectations in developing clinical excellence but in the overall teams confidence.
Dr. Sonny Sidhu, Alma Dental
This workshop was an awesome opportunity for me to relearn and unlearn horrible hygiene habits that I’ve developed over the years. It really gave me the knowledge to become a better clinician.
Coast Dental RDH
Gabriele is truly incredible! As a new grad, it was daunting to participate in one of GEM’s workshops. However, she made me feel not only reassured but confident. I am excited to embark on my hygiene future/journey and feel aligned with my coworkers at my new office. She is super personable, knowledgeable and feel reassured that I can  seek her advise, guidance and mentorship.
Town Centre Dental RDH
Gabriele has completely changed my outlook on the dental hygiene profession! I now feel motivated to implement “best practices” comprehensively, now that I know what that looks like.
Alma Dental RDH
You are an amazing instructor. I truly appreciate your teaching style.  I have been teaching for nine years and out of clinical practice for four years.  I never had to practice with the 2018 AAP guidelines. I struggled with other instructors’ interpretation of the 2018 and took other CEs on it but none were as comprehensive and as thorough as your course. I understand now and have the confidence to teach it to my students and fellow instructors.
Linda, RDH, MEd Associate Professor (Texas Dental Hygiene College)
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