Alin’s Story!

How does GEM Dental increase hygiene revenue by 100% in 18 months or less? Listen to Alin’s story and find out. He is a dental hygienist at one of Canada’s largest dental practice where GEM Dental grew the hygienist department from 7 to 21 hygienists, increased their hygiene revenue by 100% in a year and increase their overall practice revenue by 100% in 18 months. This animation is Alin’s story, his perspective, as a dental hygienist going through the GEM Dental optimization program.

3 Clinical Breakdowns Killing Practice Outcomes

ROI Virtual AGM Dental Team Program, featuring Gabriele Maycher, CEO, GEM Dental Experts Inc. — Less than optimal patient outcomes typically occur because some clinical fundamentals in the process of care are breaking down. This video explores the 3 clinical breakdowns getting in the way of you achieving optimal patient outcomes and bonus, it will also kick start your practice revenue.


5 Clinical Breakdowns killing Patient Outcomes, Practice Growth & Revenue

The Grow Your Dental Practice Podcast – Featuring Gabriele Maycher, CEO, GEM Dental Experts. An interactive conversation with Mohamed Ismail, CEO, Shift Accounting, Gabriele shares how most practices do not realize that they are sitting “three feet from gold” with each-and-every one of their patients. She discusses how by simply fixing these 5 clinical breakdowns patient outcomes, practice growth and revenue will EXPLODE!

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